Identity, materials and interior design for a modern building 




The Story

The Californian is a mixed-use development project in the heart of San Diego. When Murfey Design was approached by the two development and builder partners Murfey Company and Bishop & Company, they emphasized the importance of the identity, marketing collateral and interior of the building and their desire to have it stand out since it was the first new building in the area in over 30 years. The Californian features a lobby, recreation room, courtyard, pool, and 81 units of housing for residents in the Point Loma neighborhood. 





The Process

Murfey Design began by creating a brand identity for The Californian that was casual and youthful and would carry over to the marketing and interior space. The logo was designed to reflect the casual California lifestyle. The simple use of typography and a restrained color palette provided the appropriate level of sophistication and allowed the signage and interior space to reflect the desired experience.




Throughout the interior, our design was inspired by key elements throughout California. Everything from mountains to desert to sea were incorporated into features like artwork, carpet, hallway patterns and décor. The lobby and rec room were designed creating intimate spaces for people to congregate and relax. 

In addition, Murfey Design staged a model unit at The Californian to allow future tenants the opportunity to visualize their potential new home. 


Maureen spearheaded our branding and interior design from concept through completion and did an excellent job. Starting with initial brain storming meetings to creating and implementing the development’s name, printed / logo design, all the way through integrating the design aesthetic into the property’s interiors, including the common areas, club room, inner courtyard pool deck, hallways and the model unit. I am very proud of the strong first impression her branding has created for our prospective tenants. The Californian has a very cohesive style from the printed materials, exterior signage, website to the feeling you get walking through the lobby which helps create the overall vibe for the community.

— Gilman Bishop, Owner - Bishop & Company