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An identity and restaurant design for an adventurous neighborhood eatery



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The Story

One Door North is a chef-owned, and the second location from The Piehl Group in the heart of San Diego’s North Park neighborhood. Chef and owners Fred and Tammy Piehl enlisted Murfey Design to create an identity and interior space for their new concept of farm fresh, small plates and seasonal fare in an informal setting with an emphasis on discovery and adventure. The restaurant name refers to the location which is exactly “one door north” of their popular flagship restaurant, The Smoking Goat. Born out of the owner’s personal love for the outdoors and a desire to be close to Nature, One Door North embraces the simplicity and unpretentious vibe of discovery in design and quality food and selection.




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The Process

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The logo conveys the idea of discovery through compass navigation. The black and white logo and menu, reflect the modern and simple style of the chef’s cuisine and when paired with the more rustic elements within the restaurant, offers the guest a place to rest amongst the textures and colors of the great outdoors.

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To capture this outdoor ambiance, the interior design was a year-long adventure in collaboration with the architect and owners. Three distinct “neighborhoods” were created within the restaurant. 


First: the street-facing section with banquettes and mountain mural. Second: the main central bar; Third: the back section with tents and nature themed chandeliers. Hand painted murals, natural stone and wood planks cover the walls adding to the warmth of leather booths and live-edge wood tables. Every detail to create an interactive guest experience was considered. Within the 3 private tents toward the back of the restaurant, each table has a theme taken from the mountains, coasts and lakes the Piehl family has visited. Texture selection was important for complimenting the color palette reflecting the natural landscape of Nature.

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Murfey Design was great to work with. Mo has great style and an ease in her decision making which made the tough decisions go smoothly. She thought outside the box and merged the branding and space design seamlessly.

— Tammy Piehl, Owner/Manager - Piehl Restaurant Group



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