Constructing a classic, coastal identity and interior for a leading real estate development and building company




The Story

The Murfey Company is a leader in the real estate development and building industry in San Diego. They specialize in development, construction, investments, property management and consulting. Murfey Company approached us to build them a brand that reflected their multi-faceted skill sets, integrity, and work hard/play hard approach to life. They believe that building homes in urban areas is more than providing housing, it’s all about “creating a lifestyle.” In addition to creating and maintaining the Murfey Company brand, Murfey Design has also created brands for each of their mixed-use buildings throughout the urban San Diego area. 

murfey logo stamp.jpg




In addition to the identity and ongoing marketing collateral, Murfey Design also facilitated the design of the interior space of the local Murfey Company headquarters. Similar to the logo and marketing pieces, the interior was designed to reflect the coastal elements of the neighborhood, professionalism and accessibility to the people that work there. Furniture was sourced from local vendors, paint colors were chosen with longevity in mind and elements of fun were sprinkled throughout with a conference table that converts to a ping pong table and libations on tap in the kitchen.


It is inspiring to work with Mo as she goes thru her creative process.  She is great to work with because of her terrific style, artistic expression and her prompt decisions.  We are extremely happy with the end product and excited to showcase her work.

— Russell Murfey, Owner - Murfey Company